Tips to Remember Facts

There are tons of different tips to remember facts out there. The problem, though, is that not all tips to remember facts are actually scientifically proven. For instance, some popular tips to remember facts will tell you that you might be only one type of learner or another – for instance, a book learner versus [...]

Tips to Remember Faces

There are fewer tips to remember faces out there than there are tips for names. Why is this? It’s because from infancy, our brains are programmed to recognize and remember faces. This is why you can nearly always remember that you have seen a person before, even if you can’t recall where or what that [...]

Tips to Remember Names

Learning some tips to remember names can actually have a huge effect on your social life. Just learning how to memorize the names of people that you meet can make you feel less awkward when you meet them next. Plus, remembering people’s names makes them feel that you really care about them, which makes you [...]

How to Memorize Facts

Learning how to memorize facts is an important skill for anyone, especially for students. If you’re struggling with how to memorize facts, there are lots of things that can help you. Rather than just reciting lists of facts to yourself over and over – which is helpful, but not as helpful as some other techniques [...]

How to Memorize Faces

Learning how to memorize faces can be a huge asset because it can also help you remember names better. If you’re ready to learn how to memorize faces, there are a few things that can help you do it. Here’s what you need to know: Pay attention One of the main reasons that people even [...]

How to Memorize Names

Learning how to memorize names can be helpful on many levels. Whether you’re a business person who is constantly making new business contacts or a teacher who needs to remember a whole classroom full of children within a few days of school, you can benefit from learning how to efficiently memorize names. Luckily, there are [...]

Improve Focus

There are tons of ways that you can improve focus in your life. Learning to focus in a more concentrated way on the thoughts and tasks that are at hand can help you become more efficient and get more done in less time. If you’re ready to improve focus, here are a few tips that [...]

Improve Attention

The best way to improve attention is to practice, but this is something many people just aren’t aware of. Why do you think it is that subsequent generations after TV was invented have more and more trouble paying attention? These days, unless children’s brains are being actively engaged by colors and movement and sound that [...]

Memory Techniques

I really enjoy reading The New York Times when I get the chance, which isn’t all that often! But when I do read it, it’s interesting because Times articles in the health section often quote the latest studies on memory, which I find really interesting. If you’re looking for some new memory techniques – or [...]

Best Way to Study

Is there really a best way to study? My primary answer is no. There’s no best way to study for everyone – there’s only a best way to study for you! That can even change over time or from class to class, depending on the material you happen to be learning at the time. However, [...]

How to Study Effectively

Learning how to study effectively isn’t all about knowing when to highlight and when to take notes. That’s part of it, but a huge part of learning how to study effectively, whether you’re in high school, college, or continuing education courses, is learning to set up your environment so that it’s best for studying. You’ll [...]

Studying Techniques

Studying techniques are meant to be specific ways of studying that can help you learn and retain information better. Chances are likely that you already have some studying techniques, even if they aren’t great ones. Favorites among high school and college students include highlighting material, reading lecture notes over and over again, and, of course, [...]

Do Better on Tests

There are plenty of ways to do better on tests. If you aren’t happy with your test scores or if you simply want to do better on tests in order to perform your absolute best, there are plenty of ways to do better on tests. Here are just a few suggestions: Have scheduled study times. [...]

Study Better

Are you looking for ways to study better? Whether you’re a college student taking challenging courses or an adult doing continuing education in your field, learning to study better can be helpful. The right studying techniques help you retain information more easily, and they also help you spend less time studying, so you have more [...]

Improve Your Learning

There are lots of ways to improve your learning for school or life in general. Whether you’re a student or an individual with lots to learn for your job, you can improve your learning with just a few tricks and tips. Here are several different ways to start boosting your learning skills today: Take care [...]

Remember Things Better

One of the best ways to remember things better is to improve your concentration. When you’re more focused on the things you want to remember, you’ll remember things better quite easily. This is because your brain more easily forms connections for new information when you’re deeply engaged while trying to commit that information to memory. [...]

Herbs to Improve Memory

Herbs to improve memory have been around as long as humans have been using herbs for medicinal purposes – so practically forever! There are certain herbs to improve memory out there that really don’t work all that well, but there are others that can be incredibly helpful. Just because an herb bottle at the grocery [...]

How to Remember Better

Are you among the many people wondering how to remember better? I had my own quest to learn how to remember better not long ago, and I discovered some easy secrets that can help anyone learn how to remember better. Whether you find yourself struggling to remember everyday information that you need – like your [...]

Remember Better

Are you ready to remember better? Having a better memory can have many positive effects on your life, including boosting your ability to remember names, shopping lists, and new information you’ve learned. Scientists have been studying techniques to help people remember better for ages, but with mental imaging and other advantaged technology, we’re just now [...]

How to Have Photographic Memory

Are you among the many people wondering how to have photographic memory? Photographic, or eidetic, memory is basically when someone can look at an object, place, or even page of a book and can later bring up that image in perfect detail in his or her mind. Photographic memory is actually more normal in small [...]

Techniques to Improve Memory

There are many techniques to improve memory out there. Some, you probably know about or use every day. For instance, mnemonics, rhyming, repetition, and writing things down are all great techniques to improve memory. Want to hear about some more interesting techniques to improve memory that are currently being studied by scientists around the world? [...]

Memory Improvement Techniques

Memory improvement techniques are all over the internet these days, but which ones really work? In order to find this out, you need to do what I’ve done: go to the science! Looking at the actual science behind memory improvement techniques, rather than just taking the word of any person who happens to have a [...]

Memory Improvement Games

Memory improvement games are everywhere these days. You can download memory improvement games to your computer or smartphone, and you can play these games online. Many bookstores sell books full of memory improvement games you can play at home or on the road. The question is, though, do these memory improvement games work, and how [...]

Memory Tricks for Names

Do you have trouble remembering names, in particular? You’re definitely not alone! Many people have trouble putting names with faces, which can lead to embarrassing social and work-related situations. If you’re determined to get better at remembering names, these simple memory tricks for names can help you remember better. Memory tricks for names are particularly [...]

Memory Tricks for Numbers

Memory tricks for numbers can be helpful in many situations. They can help you memorize important numbers, such as passcodes, confirmation codes, and phone numbers. Memory tricks for numbers can also help you impress your friends when you memorize a huge string of numbers with no apparent effort! Memory tricks for numbers basically help you [...]

Brain Fitness

Looking for some facts about brain fitness? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some interesting things you might like to know about brain fitness: It’s still a theory – sort of Brain fitness isn’t a term that’s used by scientists, and it’s still considered a theory. Still, there’s a ton of evidence out [...]

Giordano and Memory

Giordano Bruno was an Italian Dominican friar who was eventually burned at the stake for heresy. Before this tragic event, though, Giordano played a big role in the development of the art of memory, which had been around since ancient Roman times. He developed his own art of memory, which, it is thought, was based [...]

GMS Manual

The GMS manual is the manual of theoretical and technical information that goes along with the Giordano Memorization System course. You can actually get the GMS manual for free on the Phenomenal Memory website – straight from the company. People ask a lot of questions about the GMS manual, especially after they hear I’ve worked [...]

GMS Memory

GMS Memory refers to the Giordano Memorization System, one of several systems on the market that are meant to help people learn to memorize more effectively and efficiently. The GMS memory system is very effective, and it was one of the primary ways I started to develop my own memory. The system was actually developed [...]

Improve Photographic Memory

Photographic memory is still heavily debated by science, as photographic memory is the idea that someone can have a perfect, unbiased memory. While there are cases of savants with incredible memories, no one can be perfectly sure that those memories are truly photographic. Even though evidence about photographic memory is in dispute, there’s no denying [...]