How to Improve Memory for Studying

Learning how to improve memory for studying can be invaluable for high school and college students alike – or for adults who are continuing their education in school or on their own. Luckily, there are lots of strategies out there to help you learn how to improve memory for studying. How to improve memory for [...]

How to Improve Memory in Children

One of the best things you can do as a parent or caregiver of children is to learn how to improve memory in children. Learning how to improve memory in children can help you help your child increase memory for certain things, and it can help improve a child’s schoolwork. Techniques for how to improve [...]

How to Improve Semantic Memory

Wondering how to improve semantic memory? Who isn’t? Since semantic memory is what much of our overall intelligence is based in – as it’s our memory for facts – people are always looking to improve this type of memory. Although one study in 2007 showed that electroconvulsive therapy was a good way to improve semantic [...]

How to Improve Episodic Memory

Are you wondering how to improve episodic memory? Maybe you want to have great stories to tell your grandchildren someday, or maybe you want to write a detailed autobiography. Either way, learning how to improve episodic memory can help make your life fuller and richer, because you’ll have a more detailed memory for the things [...]

How to Improve Procedural Memory

Wondering how to improve procedural memory? Procedural memory is the type of memory that allows you to remember automatically how to do certain tasks, like writing with a pencil or typing on a keyboard. This is really remembering without remembering, since procedural memories are subconscious. If you have to think about where to place your [...]

How to Improve Implicit Memory

Are you wondering how to improve implicit memory? Scientists have been working on the dilemma of how to improve implicit memory – particularly among Alzheimer’s patients and aging seniors – for decades now. The problem with learning to improve implicit memory is that this type of memory is different from what most people mean when [...]

What is Semantic Memory?

Wondering, “What is semantic memory?” Since semantic memory is one of the most complex – and difficult to explain! – functions of our memory, many people wonder just what is semantic memory? Lots of scientists have also asked the question, “What is semantic memory?” Not all of them agree on the answers, but here’s some [...]

What is Episodic Memory?

You may be wondering, “What is episodic memory?” because you’re interested in memory in general or because you’ve heard of episodic memory before but aren’t really sure what it actually means. Whatever the case may be, lots of scientists have also asked the question, “What is episodic memory?” This has led to some really interesting [...]

What is Procedural Memory?

Have you ever heard about procedural memory and wondered, “What is procedural memory?” Luckily, lots of other people have wondered “What is procedural memory?” too, so we now have a good grasp on what this type of memory is and does in our lives. In answer to your question “What is procedural memory?” here’s some [...]

What is Implicit Memory?

If you’ve ever encountered the term, you may have wondered, “What is implicit memory?” Lucky for you, scientists have been asking the question “What is implicit memory?” for years now. This type of memory is usually opposed to explicit memory, but that doesn’t help explain it all that well. The truth is that when we [...]

Semantic Memory

Semantic memory is one of the most important forms of memory because it’s what allows you to function in everyday life. Your semantic memory is what allows you to know what a dog is when someone says that word, even if they aren’t referring to a specific dog that you have a real memory of. [...]

Episodic Memory

Episodic memory is a form of explicit memory, which means that you have to consciously remember episodic events. It’s essentially the type of memories that come from your own life that you can explicitly tell other people about. With your episodic memory, your mind can basically form its own time machine and travel back in [...]

Procedural Memory

Without procedural memory, humans would be able to learn very little in their lifetimes. This type of memory is what allows us to eventually learn to ride a bike after many lessons with dad in the driveway, how to hold a pencil, or how to solve a particular type of puzzle. Our procedural memory helps [...]

Implicit Memory

Implicit memory is a really interesting portion of the human memory, and it’s one that you don’t have to think about. Without implicit memory, though, you wouldn’t be able to perform many of your most basic daily functions and tasks. This type of memory doesn’t necessarily always help you, though, especially when you’re trying to [...]

Memorize by Repetition

Learning to memorize by repetition is something we do automatically as young children, since memory through repetition is one of the most common techniques used way back in grade school. Kids who learn to memorize through repetition have some advantages, since they can more easily take memories from their short-term memory to their long-term memory. [...]

Memory Loss Prevention

Memory loss prevention is definitely possible, even for those with progressing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Most people, though, are concerned with memory loss prevention simply as they age, since age leads to lowered levels of memory for almost all people. It’s possible to retain your memory, and I’ve found lots of ways that it’s true. Here’s [...]

Memory Improvement Books

The best memory improvement books are the ones that combine scientific insight and practical knowledge. Memory improvement books are everywhere, but which ones are the best? Here’s a list of some of the top rated memory improvement books out there. Some of them I absolutely love, and some of them are still on my to-read [...]

Music to Improve Memory

The idea of music to improve memory has a hold in the modern mind, which is why many parents try to expose extremely young children to classical music. There’s actually nothing special about classical music that makes it improve the memory, except that it doesn’t have words. (More on that in a moment.) However, music [...]

Brain Games to Improve Memory

Brain games to improve memory have been around for a while, but they’re getting more and more technologically advanced, and many of my favorite brain games to improve memory are online now. Concentration was what I played as a kid to improve my memory, but now you don’t even need cards to play it! Instead, [...]

Brain Games

Brain games can be a great way to improve your memory and your overall mental function. How do brain games work, and why do they help your brain? Here’s what you need to know: How Brain Games Work When you’re a kid and your memory is at its sharpest, you’re playing brain games all day [...]

Can You Improve Your Memory?

Can you improve your memory? This is a question that has been plaguing especially older adults, who are often prone to naturally declining memories, for years. The truth is that the answer to “Can you improve your memory?” is yes! Memory actually can be improved through giving your brain a workout, learning new memory techniques, [...]

Develop a Photographic Memory

Can you develop a photographic memory? Well, whether or not photographic memory is even possible is a scientific debate, but it’s certain that some people do have excellent visual memories that can retain images long after they’ve seen them. The truth is that you may not be able to develop a perfect memory, which is [...]

Increase Memory Retention

If you want to increase memory retention, you’re certainly not alone. There are tons of people out there who want to increase memory retention because they want to be able to have clearer, better recall or they want to study better for school and tests. When I wanted to learn to increase memory retention, I [...]

Improve Visual Memory

Every person has different types of memory, but for many people, visual memory is the most useful. This is when images help you recall memories, and when your memories come in the form of mind-pictures, as opposed to sounds, lists, or even smells. You can improve visual memory with certain exercises, and this can help [...]

Working Memory Exercises

Working memory exercises are different from exercises for your long-term memory. Your working memory is what you’re using when you’re holding pieces of information in your head at one time. Different theories note different levels for working memory, but most scientists think you can only hold between two and five chunks of information in your [...]

Tips for Improving Memory

Looking for tips for improving memory? If you’re a student, you’re not alone! While tons of older adults need tips for improving memory because their memories are starting to fail, students need tips for improving memory too because there’s just so much that they have to remember! Next time you have a big test coming [...]

Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

Brain exercises to improve memory can be fun and challenging, as well as helpful to your memory improvement quest. If you’re ready for a better memory, try some of my favorite brain exercises to improve memory: Shopping with No List Now, you’re always supposed to shop with a list if you want to spend more, [...]

Memory Enhancement Supplements

Do memory enhancement supplements really work? I like to base decisions about memory enhancement supplements for myself and my family on actual scientific research, which means I don’t trust everything that’s out there on the shelf. However, after doing some research, I’ve found a few memory enhancement supplements that actually do work. Since science is [...]

Memory Improvement Vitamins

While I believe that a good diet is foundational to a good memory, I also know that memory improvement vitamins can help fill in gaps. You can’t, after all, eat perfectly every day – or even most days – in the real world, so memory improvement vitamins can help you fill in the nutritional gaps [...]

Improving Concentration and Memory

Improving concentration and memory is important if you want to boost brain health and keep your brain healthy as you age. Improving concentration and memory goes together because better concentration generally means a better memory. Luckily, there are lots of techniques for improving concentration and memory, including some of the following: Find the Right Time [...]