GMS Manual

The GMS manual is the manual of theoretical and technical information that goes along with the Giordano Memorization System course. You can actually get the GMS manual for free on the Phenomenal Memory website – straight from the company. People ask a lot of questions about the GMS manual, especially after they hear I’ve worked with the GMS course in the past. If you’re wondering about the GMS manual, here’s what you need to know:

What’s in it?

The GMS manual is basically full of information on the Giordano Memorization system. The manual explains the background of the system and the theories upon which it operates. It also explains the actual techniques used in the GMS system. This is basically a one-stop-shop for all the information you need to know about the GMS technique and the School of Phenomenal Memory.

Why is it free?

Of course, something that many people wonder is why the GMS manual is free if it gives away all the trade secrets of Phenomenal Memory. The truth is that it doesn’t actually give away all the secrets! Instead, the manual tells you what to do, but not how or when to do it, which is half the battle of learning the system. Instead, you need instructors alongside you to tell you when and how to practice the techniques you’ll find in the manual.

The School of Phenomenal Memory gives away the manual for free because its designers are confident that it will just make you want more. Can you improve your memory just by reading the manual? Yes. Will you get the same level of dramatic improvement that you’d get if you took the entire course? Not at all! Once you start improving your memory a little with the mnemonic techniques in the manual, you’ll want to continue improving your memory until you get a truly phenomenal memory. In essence, the GMS manual just serves as an introduction to the course, and not as an actual course itself. It just makes you want more!

Is the course worth it?

Most people ask if the real GMS course is worthwhile if the GMS manual is available for free. The truth is that it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a few of the latest mnemonic techniques at your disposal to boost your memory a little bit, then the manual is enough, and you probably shouldn’t pay for the course.

If, on the other hand, you want to develop a phenomenal memory that will have you memorizing entire books, entire lectures, entire movies – then you should definitely take the course. One of the keys to GMS is that you have to do the course systematically, as the skills you learn build on one another. Taking the entire course systematically rather than just reading the GMS manual is the way you’ll really develop a phenomenal memory that will leave your friends and family absolutely breathless!

Having a phenomenal memory takes a lot of work. I can attest to that! However, if you want to be able to remember anything, anytime, it’s definitely worth it. Phenomenal memory training is even better for those who are in professions where memorization is key – such as the medical field, where medical terms, diagnoses, and symptoms must all be stored away in the brain to be used in the real world when a patient presents with new symptoms. If you want to have a truly amazing memory, you should first check out the GMS manual and then check out the course. The manual is enough to convince almost anyone that the course is worth a shot.