GMS Memory

GMS Memory refers to the Giordano Memorization System, one of several systems on the market that are meant to help people learn to memorize more effectively and efficiently. The GMS memory system is very effective, and it was one of the primary ways I started to develop my own memory. The system was actually developed by Vladimir Kozarenko in 1990, but he named it after famous memory researcher Giordano Bruno. GMS memory may be just what you’re looking for if you want to develop an amazing memory that has the ability to grasp new facts and figures with incredible facility. Here’s what you need know about the GMS memory system.

How it Works

GMS memory is based on mnemonics, or specific memory techniques. It relies on the fact that memory is basically a biological phenomenon that allows the brain to code and store memories in an organized fashion. Those who follow this technique believe that you can achieve phenomenal memory simply by learning to help your brain do this coding and storing in a more efficient, effective manner. With mnemonic techniques, those who practice GMS memory techniques can actually memorize any amount of information in a very quick, precise manner.

GMS memory techniques are a learned skillset, which means that you just learn how to use the techniques, and then you can apply them to your everyday life, no matter what your memory was like beforehand. The theory is that even if you have a terrible memory, you can learn to develop a great memory using these mnemonic techniques that are taught in the GMS course, which can be bought and studied online.

The GMS memory techniques do lots of training on attention, so it’s also helpful for ADD people who have trouble focusing, and, thus, have trouble remembering information. Besides this, it’s a great technique because it’s super controlled and can be adapted for different types of thinkers. People who use this system learn to encode information in their brains in a very rapid, organized manner. When information is encoded in an organized fashion, it’s much easier to pull back up out of the recesses of the mind when need be.

Comprehension is Important

One thing that sets the GMS memory system apart from other, similar memory systems is that it focuses on comprehension. The system seeks to help learners understand information under the theory that the more you understand something and pay attention to it, the better you’ll be able to remember it in the future. While you can use a GMS memory to memorize long, random lists of words and numbers, its true focus is on making mnemonics and memory techniques applicable in everyday life. This means that you need to work not just on memorizing meaningless information but on interpreting information and comprehending it in order to make eventual memorization smoother and easier.

The GMS memory system takes time and focus, since there are tons of lessons to be learned. However, after just a few short lessons, most people see a huge improvement in their memory. After completing the entire course, you can memorize anything at any time. In fact, you can actually memorize lectures as they’re being given, so you will hardly have to study again in your entire life!

The benefits of the GMS memory program are many, including the ability to succeed at school without studying much, the ability to always remember facts about people you’ve recently met, and the ability to become better at your job by learning and remembering pretty much everything there is to know about it. This is certainly one of the most effective memory systems available today.