Herbs to Improve Memory

Herbs to improve memory have been around as long as humans have been using herbs for medicinal purposes – so practically forever! There are certain herbs to improve memory out there that really don’t work all that well, but there are others that can be incredibly helpful. Just because an herb bottle at the grocery store says that it’s supposed to improve memory doesn’t mean that it actually will, so keep that in mind!

Also, when you’re looking at buying the herbs to improve memory described below, it’s a really good idea to actually get your herbs from a trustworthy natural source. This is because herbal supplements, like vitamins, aren’t as closely regulated as actual food. People can make all sorts of claims about their supplements, even if they aren’t really that pure or healthy for you. Getting your herbal supplements from a trusted, reliable source can help you ensure that you’re really paying for something that’s going to work, rather than just a supplement that’s going to make no difference in your body or brain.

Without further ado, then, here are a few of the best research-proven and time-tested herbs to improve memory:

Herbal-caffeinated chewing gum: While regular chewing gum doesn’t do anything for your memory, some gum that is slightly caffeinated and includes herbal ingredients can improve memory. One study published in Appetite showed that chewing herbal-caffeinated chewing gum can help increase memory, although it doesn’t actually increase focus. At any rate, if you feel like a stick of gum, you might as well go for the sort that will actually boost your memory while you’re chewing it!

Tianna Gouteng Decoction: This blend of Chinese herbs to improve memory didn’t actually start out being about memory improvement at all. Instead, the blend was actually created to relieve hypertension (high blood pressure). However, connections between hypertension and dementia in elderly patients led researchers to carry out a study on the effects of this Chinese herbal blend specifically on memory. The blend did help increase memory by reducing high blood pressure, which can lead to memory loss, so it’s one of the best herbs to improve memory, particularly if you’re struggling with high blood pressure or stress that may be causing memory loss.

Huperzine A: This is one of the herbs for memory that helps on the chemical level. It essentially helps the body keep from breaking down too much acetylcholine, which is an essential enzyme for memory. By breaking down less acetylcholine, you can store and retrieve memories more easily. Another of the herbs to improve memory that’s similar to this one is Dragon’s Blood, which is a traditional Chinese herb that also works by preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine.

Gotu Kula: This traditional herb can help improve general mental function, which obviously makes it easier to remember things. You should shoot for taking about 1,000 mg a day for the best results from this particular herb.

Maca: This herb is growing in popularity, and it’s one of the herbs to improve memory that works on memory indirectly. Essentially, it makes the immune system function better, which keeps your hormones in balance. Since hormonal imbalances are often linked to poor memory function, it’s one of the best herbs to improve memory, even though it doesn’t directly work with brain chemistry or circulation.

These herbs to improve memory should only be taken according to directions. If you’re pregnant or have underlying health conditions, talk with a certified homeopath in your area before you start an herbal regimen for memory. Remember, even though herbs are natural, they’re also very powerful, and they can have some of the same interactions and side effects that cause problems with actual chemical medications!