How to Memorize Names

Learning how to memorize names can be helpful on many levels. Whether you’re a business person who is constantly making new business contacts or a teacher who needs to remember a whole classroom full of children within a few days of school, you can benefit from learning how to efficiently memorize names. Luckily, there are lots of different techniques out there to teach you how to memorize names. Here are just a few of them:

Write it down

Writing information down gives you a cheat later on, but in the meantime, it actually helps you remember information more thoroughly. This is because the act of actually transferring words to paper engages new parts of your brain, which then makes it easier to remember the information you’re writing down.

Writing down names may seem too simple on a list of techniques for how to memorize names, but it’s really just too simple to miss. As soon as you can, write down the names of new people you meet. If you really have trouble remembering names, it’s a good idea to also put those names into lists of where you might be likely to meet those people again, whether it’s at work, at a social event, or even at church. Then, before you go to those places, look over the lists of the people you don’t know yet, and try to put faces with the names. You’ll be “cheating” but you’ll also be learning how to memorize names quickly and efficiently in the meantime.

Talk with the name more often

Another simple trick for how to memorize names is to just pay attention when the person is being introduced and to use that person’s name in conversation. When you first meet a person, try to make the conversation about them as much as possible, and use their name in the conversation. You don’t want to sound totally awkward, but say their first name as much as you can get away with socially.

Repetition is the memory key here for learning how to memorize names. If you aren’t comfortable using the person’s name in conversation more than a couple of times, consider simply saying it once or twice but repeating it in your head throughout the conversation. Repeating the name while looking at and speaking with the person can have a huge impact on your ability to remember the name.

Associate the name with something else

This is actually a fun game to play with children, and it can be helpful in some social situations when you’re meeting lots of people at once. When you meet someone whose name begins with R, for instance, ask for them to tell you something they like or enjoy that also starts with R. Renee might like Rhinos. Then, you can remember Renee likes Rhinos. Just being able to association Renee with rhinos, something you already know at least a little bit about, can help your brain make new connections so that you’re more likely to remember that name in the future.

While you might not always want to ask people a silly question like this, you can learn how to memorize names by making these connections for yourself. It’s not hard to come up with a word that starts with the first letter of the person’s name, and it can be a great memory technique to use for names.

So, when you’re struggling to learn how to memorize names, write them down, use them often, and make associations and connections. This can help you keep names straight, even when you’re meeting a lot of people at once!