How to Remember Numbers Easily

So you wanna know how to remember numbers easily. Imagine that you’re walking down the street and you’ve forgotten your cell phone at home. You see an advertisement board and you want to write down the details of a shop that has piqued your interest, including the phone number, the cell phone number, and the open and close time of the shop, but have nothing to write it all down with. Can you memorize all the numbers correctly? Do you know how to remember numbers easily that are very large? Many people use a method that is based on concentration. It works sometimes for some people.

Suppose you see the number 97864523. You keep it in your mind. However, after some time passes, you can’t recall it correctly or fully. You keep on guessing whether the last two digits you saw were 23 or 32. So, how do you remember numbers easily? If you don’t want to experience another bout of poor memory again, then it’s essential to arm yourself with effective techniques to remember numbers easily. Let’s take a look at several approaches.

At any given time, the average person is able to hold a set of around 7 digits in his or her working memory. In today’s fast paced world, we need to memorize numerous multi-digit numbers like cell phone numbers, passcodes, car IDs, phone number verification numbers and many other sundry numbers. If you wish to know how to remember numbers easily, then here are several techniques that will help you achieve great results.

The Major System

The Major System is proposed to be one of the best techniques to remember numbers. This system is also called the “phonetic system” or “consonant system.” Whenever we hear a number, we correlate it with a sound. Thus, we build associations between every individual number and a sound. All of us know that words are simpler to memorize than numbers. This system is based on this fact.

In your quest on how to remember numbers easily, you can study which consonants are associated closely to which corresponding numbers. In this system, every number is designated with a consonant on the basis of some sort of identifiable relationship among the two:

  • 0 – z, the first letter of zero.
  • 1 – t because t has one down stroke.
  • 2 – n – n uses two down strokes.
  • 3 – m, “3″ looks similar to “m” on its side. Also, it has three down strokes.
  • 4 – r, r is the last letter of four.
  • 5 – L in the Roman number system stands for 50.
  • 6 – g, g is nearly a 6 rolled around.
  • 7 – k, a capital K contains two sevens back to back.
  • 8 – v,f. a script f resembles a figure-8.
  • 9 – P and b. P is a mirror-image of 9.

Try to use this system and take a few words. Determine which numbers go well with them. After a certain time, you’ll have a full grasp of how the system works.

  • “rain”=42
  • “ledge” = 56

Now try it with some phone numbers. Take your pal’s phone number and make phrases and words out of them. You can add vowels between the consonants. This will help you create a significant word that has some meaning. Use your brain power and imagination. Try to form funny and outrageous words. Such words can be memorized easily. After a certain period, this will become very easy for you to form words. You’ll be surprised to see yourself forming memorable words automatically just by looking at random numbers. This will definitely become useful in your endeavours on how to remember numbers easily.

Example: to memorize the phone number 7713370, you can use major system and form a phrase like “cooked mom eggs”.

If you want to remember the first 8 digits of pi (31415926), then you can form “my turtle Pancho”. Memorizing more difficult numbers using this funny technique will definitely help you succeed in your mission on how to remember numbers easily.

If you want to know how to remember numbers easily that are very large, then here is a simple trick: just break the number into a series of words. This will help you memorize the list of words easily.

All of the above tricks are just some of the various techniques you can use to remember numbers easily. Begin your quest on how to remember numbers easily with these techniques and get ready to enjoy phenomenal brain power unlike that which you have ever experienced!