Improve Photographic Memory

Photographic memory is still heavily debated by science, as photographic memory is the idea that someone can have a perfect, unbiased memory. While there are cases of savants with incredible memories, no one can be perfectly sure that those memories are truly photographic.

Even though evidence about photographic memory is in dispute, there’s no denying the fact that many of us remember things as images. Our brains encode images, and the things we see are things we tend to remember, especially if we’re visual learners. So, most people have at least something of a photographic memory, if you mean that they remember things by images. If you want to improve photographic memory, there are lots of things you can do to make this happen. Here are just a few ideas.

Practice makes perfect

The best way to improve photographic memory is to practice remembering things visually. Look at your desk, and then look away, trying to remember everything that was on it. Start remembering people by their faces rather than just by their names. To some extent, these memory practices come naturally to us. However, with intentional practice, you can improve photographic memory and develop a better memory for images and things that you see in everyday life.

Play games with your memory

Playing photographic memory games is a good way to improve photographic memory. For instance, when you’re reading a magazine, you can glance at a magazine ad, look away, and try to remember the ad in as much detail as possible. Just working on your visual memory in this way can help you improve photographic memory.

Work on a jigsaw puzzle blind

This doesn’t mean blindfolding yourself and working on a jigsaw puzzle with just your sense of feel! But you can improve photographic memory by forcing yourself to complete a jigsaw puzzle without the box or picture of the completed image in front of you. You’ll have to remember the image in as much detail as possible in order to assemble the puzzle more efficiently. To improve photographic memory, start with puzzles with fewer pieces, and give yourself a few minutes to look at the picture. At first, you can look at the picture every few times you come back to the puzzle, but eventually, you should train yourself to complete the puzzle after only looking at the picture one time.

Play concentration

Concentration is a great game to play to improve photographic memory. It’s not hard to play at all, and it can help improve photographic memory by training you to remember in your mind on a visual level where things are in a sequence. You can even play Concentration with little kids, so this can be a great family activity to improve photographic memory for everyone.

Improve memory overall

You can improve photographic memory in these four ways, but the best way to improve any part of your memory is to improve it all at once. In fact, you can improve photographic memory by improving your overall brain function. This means eating well, living a healthy lifestyle, and getting plenty of exercise. It also means mitigating stress as much as possible and learning to play memory games that keep your mind active. Even though these measures don’t directly boost your photographic or visual memory, they will help to improve your overall memory and brain function.

Remember, your brain is an interconnected web of cells, tissues, and ideas, and improving one part of it will help improve all the rest.