Memorization Techniques

Humans are endowed with a special gift that other creatures lack: memory. Even dolphins, with their superior intelligence rivalling ours, all have ADD and forget things a lot. We can remember many fascinating facts and faces, which makes us different from other animals. Our thinking and imagination capabilities go hand in hand with this feature. Memorization makes us wise and enhances our intelligence as we store all the events, experiences, and knowledge we’ve accumulated and are able to apply their information whenever required. Studies and research on memory has revealed that your memory can be improved by using several memorization techniques. Ever since ancient times, people have been using memorization techniques to improve their memory and have taken advantage of such valuable mental tools.

For being knowledgeable and wise, it’s necessary to have a sharp and strong memory. Memorization techniques are the best tools for achieving this and they are suitable for people from all age groups. It’s been proven that with age, many people experience memory loss, including Alzheimer’s disease – a serious disease affecting one’s memory. There are no cures for this disease. However, it’s always very beneficial to prevent memory loss and keep your memory actively working and alert with the help of various memorization techniques and tools, like memory games.

Memory games prove to be one of the best memorization techniques as these games can be played by all age groups. Memory games are designed scientifically to stimulate our brain cells to think in different ways. These games incorporate a variety of puzzles improving our memory skills in different areas such as language, mathematics, and logical thinking to solve particular problems. Playing memory games can be a part of your daily routine and they will definitely help you to keep your memory sharp and active.

One of the most useful memorization techniques is mnemonics. This specialized technique lets you memorize information by using code words. To remember the seven colors of the rainbow in a sequence like Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red, you can use single word ‘VIBGYOR’ that’s a collection of the initials of each color in the sequence. Using such methods as mnemonic devices to remember information can be an easy and effective way to recall important facts.

Repetition is also a useful memorization technique that has been used ever since ancient times. If you want to memorize hard-to-remember information, repetition is a very simple technique to use by repeating the information over and over again until you become familiar with it. When we use the technique of repetition, our brain automatically remembers that information and stores it for long-term use. Repetition memorization techniques are very useful for students who want to remember complex and difficult forms of information.

Besides these basic memorization techniques, many other techniques help to improve memory. Let’s take a look at some of those in detail:

  • Chunking is one of the memorization techniques especially used for remembering large numbers or large amounts of information. If you have to memorize a ten digit phone number, it’s better to group the digits in several chunks to remember it easily. Even when learning new words, if the word is too long for you to remember, you can break it into groups of three letters to memorize them easily and more effectively.
  • Bridging or linking information to make it easier to remember is another one of the best memorization techniques. Oftentimes, we can link the information bits or match it with one another to memorize things easily.
  • Revision at bed-time is another easy memorization technique. Experiment with this technique and you’ll see how useful it is. Before going to bed, revise and go over all the information you’ve collected throughout your day. Psychologists have discovered that during sleep, our brain rearranges all the information gathered during the day and stores it systematically. So revise everything when you go to bed. This will help you in memorizing important information easily.
  • Rhyming is also one of the oldest memorization techniques. Rhymes are remembered by heart easily because of their similarities in pronunciations. This fact is helpful for memorizing certain things in an effective way.

All the memorization techniques discussed here are very effective and easy for improving your faculties of memory and recall. Memory games and exercises are also very excellent tools for keeping us sharp and alert. Use these techniques frequently, and you shall become wise and significantly delay memory loss.