Memory Games

In routine life, we take care of our health by exercising, walking, jogging, and playing sports. Some people perform workouts to build muscle and burn unwanted fat. But how many of us think of increasing our brain power or performing brain exercises to make it alert and strong? We almost forget about the most vital part of our body. Many of us do not even know that there are many techniques and exercises for the brain to increase its abilities such as memory and thinking capacity. Many times we grow tired of our daily routines and need some refreshment, and exercises for the brain can give us this much needed second wind while helping to improve brain power. Playing memory games is just one of the many techniques used for empowering human brains.

Are Memory Games Really Useful?

Nowadays, memory games are becoming popular among kids as well as adults as computers and mobiles bring these simultaneously entertaining games to our fingertips. But are these memory games really useful? Research and studies in this direction show that solving puzzles, learning new things and playing games all serve to keep our brain active and refreshes our minds. There are many memory games developed for increasing memory, and the most effective memory games help not only to improve memory skills, but also performance of abstract thinking.

Scientists have shown that as we exercise to increase our physical fitness every day, exercising our brains using memory games or similar activities thrice a week helps to motivate our mind and ultimately increases concentration and improves memory abilities. Memory games are useful to improve memory for kids as well as for individuals from all age groups. With age, memory loss is a common phenomenon and there is no medication for memory loss, but you can substantially slow the process or even prevent it altogether with these games. Incorporating memory games in our daily lifestyles is a completely healthy habit to maintain.

Different Memory Games

Most familiar memory games we know of are chess and playing cards. Others include different types of puzzles such as matching picture parts to form a complete picture, or identifying differences between two pictures. Or games related to words, such as creating different meaningful words from a given set of letters, or solving crosswords. Even numerical puzzles are some of the best memory games we can use to activate our brain to think of various ways to solve such puzzles.

There are two main types of memory our brain uses. One is long term memory and the other is short term memory. Long term memory is the memory which stores information and experiences that can be retrieved for long periods of time, while short term memory stores information only for a brief time period – and after using that information, it completely vanishes over time. For example, if we dial a phone number many times and it doesn’t connect, then that number is remembered after dialing it 2 or 3 times – but after some time, maybe two to three days, many of us forget that phone number. This is short term memory. However, if that number is required to dial frequently every week or so, then it becomes part of our long term memory.

Benefit Of Memory Games

Our brain has many wonderful abilities like thought and imagination. In addition to these, it has many other features such as the speed of giving orders, attentiveness, memory, problem solving and making decisions for every activity that we do. Memory games are very beneficial in improving our memory as well as improving these other features of our brain. Prominent benefits of memory games are:

  • Increased alertness – Memory games stimulate neurons in the brain and help to make it more alert and attentive.
  • Prevents memory loss due to growing age – Many people experience memory loss as they age above fifty years. There is no medicine to treat memory loss but playing memory games can help in preventing or slowing down memory loss.
  • Helpful for serious brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s – According to neuroscientists and brain analysts, memory games are helpful for memory-related diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Nowadays, many sites on the internet offer a wide variety of online memory games. Lumosity is just one of the sites that provides scientifically based memory games that enhance memory, attention and creativity. So don’t take your memory lightly – play memory games regularly to activate your brain make it more alert and attentive, and you’ll experience a healthier life altogether.