Memory Tricks for Numbers

Memory tricks for numbers can be helpful in many situations. They can help you memorize important numbers, such as passcodes, confirmation codes, and phone numbers. Memory tricks for numbers can also help you impress your friends when you memorize a huge string of numbers with no apparent effort!

Memory tricks for numbers basically help you “chunk” strings of numbers into larger bits of information, which allows you to hold more information in your working memory at once. When you memorize a phone number, you probably chunk it together automatically, depending on where you’re from. Americans will tend to memorize phone numbers by treating the area code, first three digits, and last four digits as discreet pieces of information, and this is how we are with lots of different strings of numbers.

Memory tricks for numbers help you add to the number of numbers that you can get into one chunk, so you can memorize a list of fifty random numbers without too much effort.

Here are a few different systems that offer great memory tricks for numbers:

The Major System

This system is a phonetic system where you basically translate lists of numbers into words. Every number from one to nine gets a consonant assigned to it, and the consonants are all assigned by some sort of logical connection to the number itself. For instance, 3 is assigned M because m is like a three turned on its side. Four is assigned r because r is the last letter in the word “four.” By memorizing these consonants and putting them together, you can get lists of words instead of lists of numbers, and words are easier to memorize.

Here’s how it might work. Take the number 34. That number could become the world mar. M for 3 and R for four. Since the system doesn’t include vowels, you add them in to make the words as needed. The words can also be based on phonetic sound. By converting numbers into words, you can memorize long strings of numbers with little effort. A string of four or five numbers can become a single word, and the better you get at making up the words, the more numbers you’ll be able to remember at once.

Math Tricks

Some good memory tricks for numbers are based on math, if you’re great at math already. If you aren’t already good at doing math in your head, I’d suggest steering clear of these tricks!

Basically, with math memory tricks for numbers, you’ll memorize numbers as equations. You might, for instance, remember the number 62311 as 6+2+3=11. This won’t work for all numbers unless you’re super creative, but you can use tricks like these when you’re making up numbers – such as pin numbers – that you need to remember.

The Dominic System

The Dominic System is similar to the Major system in that it turns lists of numbers into words. However, in the Dominic system, you can convert individual numbers one through nine into whatever letter you wish. Just memorize your list, or this trick will get very confusing!

Then, when you see numbers, you first split them into pairs and then assign them their letters. Then, make up a story that involves people with the initials that match up to the converted letters that you have made up. The story should involve all the letters, as well as actions associated with the people with those initials. In the end, you can just tell yourself the story to remember the numbers in the sequence. It takes a little more work, but it’s also a very effective way to remember long lists of numbers.