Memory Tricks

Memory tricks can be weird and wacky, but some of the craziest tricks to remember things actually do work. Then there are memory tricks that are just simple and straightforward. Regardless of the tricks you already know, you may be able to learn something new from a list of tricks to help you remember things. Maybe you’ve just never thought of something in this way before, and a new trick will help improve your memory by leaps and bounds.

I love looking up memory tricks to help me improve my memory and help others improve their memories, too. This list of tricks includes some of my favorites – some of which are super obvious and some of which are a little less so.

  1. Focus. One of the main problems that the modern mind has with memory is that we don’t create good, solid memories because we’re never really in the moment. When you meet someone new, you’re already thinking about the next thing on your to-do list or how you’re going to exit the party gracefully instead of really focusing on that person. If you just learn to concentrate and focus on the moment at hand, you’ll be much more likely to remember things that are important to you. Learn to live life in the moment. That’s one of the best memory tricks I’ve got!
  2. Talk to yourself. It sounds ridiculous, since most people who talk to themselves seem to be the kind who don’t have very good memories. However, talking to yourself in your mind as you’re doing everyday activities can help you remember things. I use this particular trick for remembering what I need to take with me to work in the morning. When I’m going to bed, I place something on the kitchen table and say to myself, “I’m putting this here because I need to remember to take it to work in the morning.” Little memory tricks like these can make a big difference!
  3. Use things that are out of place to remember your to-do list. One of my other favorite memory tricks is to use an item that’s out of place to remember what’s on my to-do list. My grandma actually taught me this one! If she needs to remember something, she’ll set a blanket or shirt at the bottom of her staircase. When she walks by it in the morning, she’ll think, “Why did I leave that there? Oh, yes, I need to do X.” It’s a great trick that’s super simple to use!
  4. Use acronyms. I used to make all my internet passwords the same because I just couldn’t remember more than one. When the internet got to be a less-than-safe place, though, I knew this wasn’t going to cut it anymore. So I started making more complex passwords and using a different one for all my log in names. Now, I make acronyms of my passwords. For instance, my banking password might be (it’s actually not!) something like: DAWSIAAU. It’s hard to guess, but it stands for a phrase I can remember: “Deposits and withdraws so it all adds up.”
  5. Writing notes to myself. One of my favorite memory tricks is also writing notes to myself. I like using note applications on my phone or computer desktop to remind myself of upcoming bill due dates and my to-do list. It’s simple and basic, but it works, since I’m at my phone and computer every day.

These memory tricks may not be the weirdest you’ve ever heard of, but they’re simple things that you can incorporate into your everyday life, so you’ll be better than ever at remembering what you need to do and more.