Mental Fitness

The human body, because all of its cells contribute to the unabridged operation of the whole and is not entirely controlled by any one cell, works as one whole interconnected machine, a single gestalt structure.

If one of its components isn’t functioning properly, it follows that the rest of the machine suffers. And so it is with its mental faculty of retaining, storing, and recalling experiences and information: the human noesis; the human memory.

You can’t improve the cognitive processes of your mind if the other components of your body are faltering. The best method of improving your memory is to improve both your fettle and physique; your overall health.

Zox Pro provided me gratuitously with numerous mental exercises to tone my brain, but I also had to employ physical exercises to tone my body. Since my body was physically strong and fit, it was a lot less likely to fall victim to the numerous aches and pains that so many are afflicted with today, aches and pains which in turn lead to completely unnecessary stress — stress that would have prevented my mind from performing at its peak levels.

Physical Fitness Equals Mental Fitness

The best types of exercises to improve memory are aerobic exercises because they increase our heart rate, and thus our intake of oxygen. The more I performed aerobic exercises, the more likely I was to maintain a healthy weight — thereby granting myself immunity from various weight-related diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which are both known to cause considerable deterioration of memory and cognition.

I also practiced a variety of stress-relieving exercises such as pilates and yoga which strengthened my body and calmed my mind.

Zox Pro exercises gave me the tools for a healthy and intellectually active brain, but I also had to do my part to maintain a robust and physically active body. Unless everything was working in harmony, I was not able to be at my peak in any area of my life. I had to improve my body, and I had to improve my mind.