My Zox Pro Review

Hey everyone, Erin here. This is my Zox Pro review. I want to share this particular company with my readers, as my experience with Zox Pro’s mental photography course was thoroughly encompassing. Because it sounded sort of like the exact memory improvement program I was looking for, I just had to give it a try. This Zox Pro review will explain what Zox Pro is all about — and it’ll highlight the features I liked, as well as disliked, about it.

However, my Zox Pro review is meant to share with you only my personal experience.

In search of a basic brain training and memory improvement course, I happened across the Zox Pro sales page — and was a little shocked to see the myriad benefits they claim their course could provide. Though I was looking to only improve my memory, and not specifically the other benefits listed, I had planned on looking into them. So with that being said, not only did I find a simple solution to improve memory, but I had also found a complete brain management and brain training program that encompassed almost everything I could possibly need in order to further develop my mental prowess — but was it the “real thing”, or just snake oil?

I wanted a sense of security in knowing that it was not a scam. Fortunately, I noticed the 60-day refund guarantee where they said I could try out the product and if I didn’t like it or see any improvements, I could get a full 100% money-back refund. All I needed to do was to e-mail them for the refund.

I also noticed that they use a very secure and reliable payment processor that I have used several times before so I knew for certain that IF I were to decide that Zox Pro was a scam and I wanted a refund, I would definitely get all my money back, 100% and hassle-free.

Because the 60-day money-back guarantee ultimately cured my skepticism, I decided that I was finally going to evaluate the product. I was given immediate, instant access to the course upon purchase — I didn’t have to wait for a shipment. The course was e-mailed to me when I checked my e-mail after purchase.

But that definitely wasn’t the only benefit to Zox Pro. I have to admit that I am overall delighted about purchasing the course.

First of all, just about everything was laid out in a very consumable, easy-to-digest manner that made it very easy for me to take the entire system in, which means a lot for me (because I tend to get distracted and lose focus easily).

Within 2 weeks of using the Zox Pro training system, I’ve acquired exponentially faster memorization techniques such as knee-jerk visualization and association, which have all become spontaneously automated for me.

Having practiced the daily exercises included in the course, I’ve thoroughly noticed:

  • A superb boost in memory recall and memorization
  • Dramatically improved concentration and focus
  • An increase in my peripheral vision and awareness
  • The ability to read 4 times faster than my normal reading speed, with 90% comprehension (4 is my estimate)

Before I had started using Zox Pro, I’d always forget the names of people I met. Memorizing guitar notes was a little foggy for me too, because traditional repetition took a long time and was not as efficient as “mentally photographing” them in my head — and the information I stored from repetition would eventually fracture into pieces with half of them missing over the next 48 hours.

Reading mass volumes of text has become a lot easier for me too, because I’m no longer “sub-vocalizing” the words I’m reading. This has had a profound impact on me as it has definitely saved me a lot of trouble, and I am thus able to cram more information into my brain in lesser amounts of time. I also no longer have to review the same information repeatedly over and over again for an exam or test — I need only to read over the material once.

And best of all, Zox Pro entails me to spend only 10 minutes a day practicing the techniques outlined in the course. However, keep in mind that the system requires a certain level of commitment from you if you’re to undergo its program. At only 10 minutes a day, it’s a very small commitment, but it’s a commitment nevertheless and you must meet it if you plan to experience any of Zox Pro’s highly practical benefits.

While I don’t really have any complaints about Zox Pro per se, I’ll admit that although the course is very, very easy to understand, it is jam-packed with information, tutorials, and guides that may be just a little overwhelming at first.

In my personal opinion, I think a lot of the material could’ve been removed or stripped away to make the overall package just a bit less “fluffy” (or bloated) to get to the important points a little more quickly in some areas, but you’ll be accustomed to the information overload in no time.

The only real gripe I have with Zox Pro is, well, I wish Shannon could’ve cut down on most of the fluff.