Tips to Remember Faces

There are fewer tips to remember faces out there than there are tips for names. Why is this? It’s because from infancy, our brains are programmed to recognize and remember faces. This is why you can nearly always remember that you have seen a person before, even if you can’t recall where or what that person’s name is. Even by passing a person on the street on a regular basis, you can probably find that you’ll remember the face. The trick, though, is remembering where you met a person and what that person’s name is. This is where tips to remember faces come in handy. Here are a few tips to remember faces that I’ve picked up over the years:

Concentrate on specific features

Your brain is already programmed to take in faces as wholes – to notice things like facial expression and general features of a face. However, the more vivid you can make a person’s face in your memory, the more likely you are to remember that face in the future. One of the best ways to make a person’s face more vivid in your memory is to concentrate on specific features of the face.

This is one of my favorite tips to remember faces, but it also takes some practice to be able to scope out details of a person’s face without seeming weird or intrusive. Most people expect to be looked in the eye when they meet you and are talking to you, but they don’t want to be stared at, either. Practice looking at a person’s eyes while also noticing things like skin texture and color, hair texture and color, eye shape and color, the shape of the mouth, the teeth, and other details. You can pick up most of these details with your peripheral vision. By intentionally noticing them, you’ll make it more likely that these details will stick in your brain and help you memorize that face for the future.

Associate the name with the features

Another one of the best tips to remember names is to associate the person’s name with the person’s facial features. After all, the point of remembering faces is to put names to the faces that you encounter so that you can remember more people that you meet. This is one of my favorite tips to remember faces because it kills two birds with one stone – helping you remember both the name and the face at the same time.

To do this, pick out a person’s most prominent or striking facial feature. For some people, this will be simple, but for others, you’ll have to think a little harder about what their most prominent feature is. Then, find a way to relate that person’s name to that particular facial feature.

Imagine meeting someone named Jane, for instance. This Jane has a very prominent, distinctive nose. When you’re talking with Jane, imagine a chain hanging from her nose. This silly image is a good one because you can picture it very vividly and it can help you recall Jane’s name based on her face in the future.

Learning some tips to remember faces is helpful because it can help you remember the names of new people, and it can also help you remember where you met them. Remembering where you met someone, in fact, is a great way to remember their name because context always helps your brain make new connections. So, when you’re using these tips to remember faces, you should always try to remember faces in context, as well, since this will make it even easier to remember the names in the future.