Tips to Remember Names

Learning some tips to remember names can actually have a huge effect on your social life. Just learning how to memorize the names of people that you meet can make you feel less awkward when you meet them next. Plus, remembering people’s names makes them feel that you really care about them, which makes you more appealing to them. These tips to remember names come from my own experience and the word of experts!

Here are my top five tips to remember names:

Make associations

One of the best tips to remember names is to make connections with a person’s name and something either physical about them or something that they do. When you meet a person, it’s a great idea to talk about them as much as you can, as this will make them feel special and will also give you more name-memorization material to work with. I like to relate the first letter of a person’s name with something that they do, whether it’s their biggest hobby or their job. For instance, I might remember that Adam is an accountant or that Bella dances ballet. Of course, associations won’t always be as simple as this, but once you get the hang of it, you can almost always find something to go off of!

Repeat the name during the conversation

It’s typical of us to go through an entire conversation without saying the other party’s name, but this is no help when it comes to remembering names. When you meet someone the first or second time, one of the best tips to remember names is to repeat that person’s name in the conversation. Of course, you can overdo it and come across as just plain weird, but dropping a personal name into a conversation a few times never hurts. Also, try to use the person’s name the next time you meet them, too.

Don’t be afraid to ask

One of the simplest tips to remember names is not to be afraid to actually ask someone again what his or her name is. If you didn’t catch the pronunciation or got through a conversation without remembering the person’s name, ask them. People would almost always rather you ask their names again than just walk away and forget them. Also, it may help to ask for the spelling of unusual names or names with multiple spellings, since just being able to mentally picture the name can help you remember it.

Turn the name into a picture

Your brain has a way of holding onto pictures more easily than actual words. Have you ever noticed this? When it comes to remembering names, you can turn this into your advantage. Turn the name into an image, and associate it with the actual person that you’re meeting. For instance, you could rhyme the name Ben with hen, and picture Ben with a hen on his head. The image doesn’t have to be totally bizarre, but it should be vivid in your mind so that the next time you see Ben, you’ll be able to pull up the image automatically and to remember his name easily.

Write it down

This is one of the tips to remember names that many people don’t use. However, it’s a great option. As soon as you meet someone, try to write down his or her name, where you met that person, and a bit of information about them. This will help you store more information in your memory, since the act of putting pen to paper and writing something down is a powerful memory tool. It will also give you a cheat sheet if you encounter that person in the future and struggle to remember the name.